The Mount Gambier Theatre Group

About Us

The Mount Gambier Theatre Group Inc. is a not-for-profit community organisation that has been operating for almost 70 years. Over that time, the group has helped people of all ages get involved in local theatre.Each year we put on amateur (for the love of it) productions for the public, as well as running weekly workshops for kids, teens and adults.Based at the Wehl Street Theatre, the Mount Gambier Theatre Group prides itself on being friendly, inclusive, and a place where people can build their confidence and creativity.Our 2024 volunteer management committee is:
Cameron Horsburgh (President)
Alysha Herrmann (Vice President)
Trudy Horsburgh (Secretary)
Kate Nearmy (Treasurer)
Harley Austin
Annette Ball
Michelle Curtis
Roxanne Pittard
Steph Cooper

What's On

Audition for our next show!

Hi everyone!You’ll be happy to know that the rumours are true—the Mount Gambier Theatre Group is about to start production on its 2024 pantomime, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, by Ben Crocker.We are looking for actors and crew to fill a number of roles. There are roles for actors of all ages and genders. Some roles will include singing solos and all roles will include some dancing, although the choreography will be matched to your ability.Onstage roles
Here are the onstage roles we’re looking to fill:
FAIRY GOODHEART A student fairy. Earnest and enthusiastic.WONDERWINGS A senior fairy, rather Headmistressish.QUEEN GRIMELZA The glamorous killer queen. Snow White’s stepmother.OSWALD An oily baddie.SPEAK TRUE The Spirit of the Mirror. Cameo role.SNOW WHITE A beautiful young princess. The principal girl.DOLLY DUMPLING The Royal Housekeeper. Warm-hearted, rumbustious. The Dame (traditionally played by a male)DANNY DUMPLING Dolly’s son. Happy-go-lucky.PRINCE FREDERICK The dashing principal male.BOGWORT A Wicked Woodsman of the Wild Wood, but soft-hearted and inept.STINKWORT Another Wicked Woodsman, but even more inept.THE SEVEN DWARFS: TD, GROUCHY, SNOOZY, SNIFFLY, CHEERFUL, DOZY, DISNEYCHORUS Courtiers, Servants, Woodland Animals, A Bear, Spirits of the Wood, Guards, Grimelza’s Acolytes etc.Backstage roles
As well as on the stage, there are a lot of jobs that need to be done backstage! We’ll especially be needing people to help with set-building and costume-making, but we’ll also need people to move sets, wash costumes, clean toilets, help with catering, sell tickets, distribute posters… in short, if you want to help, there's something for you to do!
If you’re interested in a backstage role, please get in contact at [email protected] .Audition details
If you’re interested in an onstage role, further information and audition materials are available by emailing [email protected], or just come to one of our auditions and register your interest.
The auditions will be held 6:30—8:30 pm on Mondays 22 & 29 July, at the East Wing of the Wehl Street Theatre (7 Wehl Street, Mount Gambier). You’re only required to come to one of the auditions, but you’re welcome to attend both if you wish.

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If you'd like to contact the Mount Gambier Theatre Group, please leave your details below and we'll get back to you ASAP!Alternatively, follow us on Facebook to keep up-to-date with the latest productions and general happenings.

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Get Involved

There are so many ways you can be involved with the Mount Gambier Theatre Group when you join...Workshops - a great way to practise your drama and improvisation skills.Auditions - when a show is announced, come along to try out for an onstage role. Our next show for 2024 is the pantomime, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, by Ben Crocker. See the What's On section for audition information.Productions - be an Actor, Director, Stage Manager, Prop Assistant, Set Runner, Light or Sound Technician, Front of House assistant and more.We also need Writers, Carpenters, Artists, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Hair and Make-Up Artists, Singers, Musicians, Comedians, Marketing and Fundraising Officers, Executive Committee Members...there's a role for everyone!

Past Productions

The Mount Gambier Theatre Group has staged over 300 shows!!
Here are their most recent major productions:
Dinner (directed by Luke Pellen)
Lend Me A Tenor
One Acts Showcase
Outrageous Fortunes (written and directed by local Tim Rochow).
Crooked (directed by Tara Gladigau, Shekinah Horsburgh & Eliza Suggate)
Robin Hoods and The Babes in The Woods - Pantomime (directed by Abby Ross)
Pride and Secrets (written and directed by Harley Austin)2018
Return of the Cheryl (written and directed by Stephen Rochow)
The Lesson by Eugine Ionesco (directed by Harley Austin)Book of the Month (directed by Cathy Rochow)2017
The Old People Are Revolting (directed by Heather Doman)
The Removalists by David Williamson (directed by Ethan Baker)Ted Best (written and directed by Stephen Rochow)2016
The Pay-Off (directed by Cathy Rochow)
Murdered to Death (directed by Tim Rochow)


Weekly workshops run on Monday nights during school terms in the East Wing (behind Wehl Street Theatre).6:30 - 7:25pm - Kids 7-13 years
7:30 - 8:30pm - Teens and Up
$5 per workshop.FAQs
Do I need to register or can we just rock up?
You can just rock up! We will capture important details when you arrive and you can ask one of our friendly committee any other questions.

2025 Production ProposalsWe are inviting proposals from members and non-members* to direct a show for Mount Gambier Theatre Group in 2025!Please email Secretary Trudy for a copy of the proposal template: [email protected]Proposals are due back by midnight 31 July 2024. The committee will consider all proposals submitted by this date to decide our shows for 2025.*if your proposal if accepted, you will need to become a member of Mount Gambier Theatre Group.